Sunday, March 23, 2008

What's been going on?

Been months since I gave an update on the little Suzuki. Since then, not much has changed actually. Ever since the tow truck incident, I have done a couple of external changes to the car. Nothing drastic though because I want to maintain a stock look so as not to attract the attention of our men in blue. Anyway, I was lucky enough to come across a set of BBS rims. Since I had to wait for the replacement of the other rim, I slapped them on till now. I'd probably put on a new set of tyres on the other set of rims. The rear spoiler has also been re-painted to match the colour of the side-skirt and front bumper. I bought some old-fashion pin stripes and had them pasted on the car. It's not outlandish but gives the car a somewhat sleeker look. Enjoy the pictures.