Monday, May 31, 2010

Dangun Side Mirrors & Pivot Stand

Here's something I have always wanted also but never got down to buying it because it was just too expensive; Dangun side mirrors. You can view the assortment of mirrors they have here: Anyway, somebody on the Swift actually had a pair shipped in. Cost him a bomb but since he is selling his car, they are up for sale and I am there for the taking. These are the V8S model which comes with LED signal indicators, motorized mirrors and light carbon fiber finish. Only thing that I don't like is that it cannot be folded but for half the price of a new one, its alright.

Here's another thing that was on my wish list but I somewhat forgot about it; its a stand for the Pivot gauge. The present position of the gauge on the A pillar is not exactly where I would like it to be. Fisrtly, its a bit ricey and secondly, its also a bit unsightly. The stand is nicely situated at the dashboard and looks somewhat more elegant. Since its position is dead ahead, it would also be easier to view the gauge.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

White Wheels

I have always wondered how Nickie would look like with white wheels. Well, I finally found out. It was a quiet Friday afternoon and I was picking up Daisy from the workshop. She had a complete servicing job done since the last time it was done was in May 2009. Not wanting to hang around while the mechanics were finishing up, I took a stroll to my favorite rims and tyre shop. Most of my rims and tyre were bought here and the owner is fondly called Uncle. A really nice man who is always accommodating and sells stuff at a reasonable price. He takes in used items also and refurbishes them to like-new standard. And there sitting on the shelf was a dusty, white set of rims. It must have been there for the longest time because it looked yellowish, more than white. A quick check with Uncle and I found out that they are actually used Advanti Racing rims. They were 17" x 7.5" width, offset 42 and would fit the Swift perfectly. Uncle quoted me a price I could not refused. Sold. I decided to remove the tyres from the Rays and transferred the tyre pressure monitoring sensors/air valve also. With a good wash and some polishing, the white wheels turn out nice and white. I think they look good and perhaps, the Rays will really take a long break it deserves. Once again, they are not for sale.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to Front

Had enough of the radical looking front grill and decided it was time to put back the stock grill albeit with a blacked-out S insignia. It looks good actually with the Greddy front lip. Not too much red up front now. The Remus exhaust have been performing well. I don't think it is any much different from the stock exhaust but since it was a good buy, I cannot complain.