Thursday, February 3, 2011

End of Wheel Fetish

3 years on and countless sets of wheels later, I think this set of wheels is the ONE. It is 17 x 7.5 with an offset of 40. The brand is supposedly Konig but I was unable to locate this model in their catalogue. It looks large for a 17' wheel because of the way the spokes curve out from the centre all the way to the edge. The black and shadow chrome colour sets off the wheel nicely and matches the overall appearance of the car. I got them rather cheaply since they are second-hand. The condition was rather good with some marks which are not really noticeable. I am confident this set of wheel is here to stay. In fact, I have put up my trusty and faithful Rays G57 for sale.

Since the last posting, the car has gone through some substantial changes. The Exedy organic racing clutch and lightened flywheel has been replaced by the original ones. What a difference it makes! I learnt that racing clutch and lightened flywheel are designed for one thing; racing. So, if you do not bring the car to the track often enough, stay away from anything that is designed for racing. The car is so much more pleasant to drive now and my fuel consumption has increased dramatically from 12.3 km per liter to 13.8 km per liter. On top of that, my feet and calf muscles are not sore when stuck in a traffic jam.

The wild rear spoiler has also been replaced with the original rear spoiler. Stock parts are starting to find its way back to the car but not everything will remain stock. There are still areas where enhanced parts will remain.