Sunday, April 20, 2008

Favourite Picture

This is my favourite picture. The number plate has been erased! With that stupid thing gone, the car really looks mean with that 'big' mouth!

Window Tinting

Finally had the front windows tinted. The original look was not really in sync with the almost darkened rear windows. After the tinting, the difference is not so stark anymore. See the difference.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Recent Additions

Gone is the stock rear spoiler, now replaced by a Kansai FRP replica rear spoiler painted in body colour. As with most replicas, they never fit 100%. So, as usual, yours truly had to take necessary steps to ensure a good fit. All joining points are pasted with foam. This is to ensure watertight integrity so that water don't seep through the gaps and collect somewhere. It's also aesthetically pleasing since you don't see the gaps. I made the S insignia and had them pasted on because I wanted people to know it is a Suzuki and because the other only insignia is on the front of the car and it cannot really be seen because it was blacked-out. I've put back my SSW rims and sent the BBS for a re-spray. I would probably spray them glossy black just for change although my tire shop man keeps telling me to leave them silver since all BBS are silver. Overall, I think the car looks good with the new spoiler and 'new' rims. My next mod is to remove that ugly-looking whip antenna and replace it with a working shark-fin antenna.