Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Remus Exhaust Installed

The Remus exhaust was finally installed last weekend. It didn't take the workshop too long to have it installed. Heck, they did not even used a hoist; the guy jacked up the car from the rear and installed it just like that; lying down on the floor. I was not comfortable for the installation to be done this way and I was right. Upon reaching home, there was rattling sound coming from the exhaust. I suspect the hangers holding the exhaust were not installed properly. I could actually shake the exhaust and hear the rattling sound. I just don't understand why workshops want to put themselves at the mercy of their customers. Why can't they do it right the first time so that they don't get ragged by irate customers, like me. Well, the rattling sound aside, the exhaust was exactly what I predicted. It is no louder than the stock exhaust, it does not really give that much power as claimed (perhaps, not until I have the ECU re-tuned) and most certainly, it is not that much lighter. Visually, the rear end looks a bit more aggressive with the larger exhaust tips. So, why do it in the first place if I already knew what the end results would be? Good question and the only answer I can give is this; its part of the preparation. Pictures are probably not necessary since I have posted similar-looking pictures previously.