Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the racing track at Sepang

We spent a day at the Malaysian F1 track at Sepang. This was the first time the little car was going north. Admittedly, not much preparation was done except for a quick wrap of the front areas of the car to prevent stone chippings. Despite that, a few chips could be found but it was better than nothing. We did a very quick drive from the 2nd link up to Sepang. Surprisingly, the car was quite well-behaved at high speeds. However, the noise was unbearable and the volume on the stereo had to be turned up louder. Oil temperature went up to 120C and this has prompted me to re-think whether an oil cooler is needed. Under normal circumstances, this would not be required. The buggeration about installing the oil cooler is that the bumper needs to be removed and this means having to break the seal on the front number plate.

As for the experience of driving on the track, let's just say that this would probably be the first and last time. Personally, there's not much enjoyment driving round and round. I would rather do those long road trips because there is a destination to look forward to and the excitement of the uncertainties of getting there. However, it was fun but this is just not my cup of tea.

Looks like all the work put into the car has paid off. The rammed air intake has indeed given more 'lungs' to the car. The absence of the sports headers is certainly being felt. Notwithstanding, the car is a pleasure to drive long-distance. Next stop could be Krabi.