Sunday, June 28, 2009

Additions, Deletions, Replacements

Here's another round of cosmetic changes. Decided the side moldings on the door needs to be taken off. This is the second time I have put it on and taken it off. There's really nothing wrong with it. It gives protection from people who might put a dent on the door. I've been wanting to take it off but could never find a reason to do so until the plastics started to peel off from the double-sided tape. It was easy to remove 3 out of the 4 pieces. The last one was horrendous to take off because it was stuck on using 3M double-sided tape. It was baked onto the car and took me almost 4 hours to remove it with lighter fluid, wax, polish, WD40 and anything I could lay my hands on. Good thing patience prevailed and I did not make any scratches. I swear, from now on, unless my life depends on it, no more 3M double-sided tape on anything that might come off later. The side moldings actually makes the door panels look smaller since it divides it into 2 halves. Anyway, they are put into storage again and if anyone wants to buy it, I would sell it.

Added the Monster rear lip add-on. It makes the rear end looks a little lower and makes the car appear more balanced when seen from the side. It was sprayed the same color as the side skirts to maintain the color flow and coupled with the front carbon fiber splitters.

The clear tail lamps have been replaced by the stock ones because the authorities consider all after-market parts as illegal. Can you beat that? Now you know why every other car looks like the other one in Singapore.

The exhaust tips have also been changed to Spoon look-alike. They are screwed onto the exhaust pipes. The authorities deemed my previous exhaust as illegal because the tips were welded on. As you know, the stock tips are screwed on the exhaust pipes. Apparently, any cut and weld marks on any part of the exhaust system constitutes an illegal modification. Can you beat that? You buy an expensive car but the authorities decides what you can and cannot do.

I am not sure this will be the final look. The grill is starting to bother me and I am thinking of putting back the stock grill. Most guys I meet like the grill because it's different and gives the car character. I even have a special logo attached! Anyway, it will stay for now until it's time to go.