Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nickie 2 Suspension 0

Nickie scored another win today in the suspension department. The Monroe shocks which are supposedly indestructible are broken. I realized this during the drive today. The car was tram-lining and steering was wooly ie. I could be turning the steering wheel but the response seems delayed. On top of that, the car was bottoming out rather easily. Initially, I thought it was the 38mm offset on the Buddy Club wheel that was creating the problem. But, it could not be so because when I ran the Rays rims (offset 42),  I also had 3mm spacers on them giving a final offset of 39mm. Anyway, the bottoming out was so bad, the side walls of the tyres were slightly cut.

This is the second set of suspension after the Tanabe GF coilovers gave way not too long ago. Not surprisingly, when we hit the B roads, the suspension takes a real beating with the kind of speed we are traveling at. So, it is back to the drawing board to find a set of suspension that can withstand the beating of our Sunday drives.

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