Sunday, April 24, 2011

Suspension, Sunday Drive & New Swift Sport

After countless attempts to rectify the suspension problem, I decided to fix the best suspension in the world for the Swift Sport;  it is called stock suspension. Made up of Monroe shocks and black-colored springs, they proved to be the best suspension for all weather, terrain and value for money. Sure, the car sits a bit higher and does not look so cool without that low-down stance but you will appreciate it when you take off from bridges like what happen during the Sunday drive we had today. I do not want to rattle on about how good the stock suspension is but take my word for it, you want a cheap and efficient system, put back the stock suspension. Once again, I say this: a bunch of Suzuki engineers cannot be wrong.

We had a blast during today's Sunday drive. It was a recce trip to see what the west coast had to offer. The roads were nothing to shout about but the scenery was truly beautiful. We also had a taste of what WRC drivers go through because some of the road were really narrow, muddy and bumpy. The cars came back all caked up with mud but more importantly, nothing broke. That is the beauty of a Swift Sport; it has the right amount of power, handling and strength to do almost anything and if anything breaks, it is not expensive to fixed. Here are pictures of where we were today.

Which brings me to the 2011 Swift Sport that will be launched later this year. I hope the design turns out based on the concept car.

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